Mobilpiù - Bedrooms, Dining Rooms and Sofas

Via XXV Aprile, 41
61022 - Vallefoglia (PU)
Tel: 0721499480 - 348.5017209
P.Iva: 01325470415
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Mobilpiù - Bedrooms and Dining Rooms Production^
Mobilpiù - Bedrooms and Dining Rooms Production^It was 1966 when MobilPiù started to produce home’s furnishing.
Thanks to the great passion and love all craftmen have for their work, over the years, he grew his business and began to produce furniture offine design and quality, never forgetting praticality in its use.

From classical to modern, from contemporary to Art deco, Mobilpiù’s offering includes bedroom, dining-room and lounge suites in the most widely varyng finishes, with luxurios crafted touches of antique origin, such as gold and silver leaf for classical style furniture, and the use of simple yet striking lines for pieces in modern style.

Over the years the company has maintained the same passion and the same enthusiasm as always, increasing the already important technical know-how, with consulting and input from the best Italian and foreign architects and interior designers.

In these years, thanks to the her exceptional quality, MobilPiù’s production has been earned all the most important certifications including: UNI ENI ISO 9001, 100% Made in Italy, GOST-R and Swarovski.

All this made MobilPiù a highly skilled dynamic team, which enjoys a position of leadership on the italian and foreign market, drawing on its forty years experience in the furniture industry.


  • Modern and Classic Bedrooms
  • Dining and Living Rooms
  • Furniture and Furnishings for the home
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Cabinets and Mirrors
  • Sofas
Modern Bedrooms Dining and Living Rooms Classic Bedrooms
Mobilpiù - Modern Rooms - Onda and Elite Mobilpiù - Dining Rooms - Regina Mobilpiù - Classic Rooms - Regina