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Ginevra - Cosmetics Manufacturing

Via del Fiume 51
61032 - Fano (PU)
Tel: 0721.855935 - Fax: 0721.859256
P.Iva: 02305010411
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Ginevra Cosmetics - Cosmetics Manufacturing and Distribution
Ginevra Cosmetics
In a world of continuous changes of mingling ethnic groups, there is no \"normal\" way to put on a makeup as such; the future belongs to whoever is able to open his or her mind and heart and appreciate the beauty in all its shapes. The basic principles of Make-up application and techniques can be used in non-conventional ways, but with creativity, new ideas and fun while making it in order to define and to improve the features.

Our organization is a reliable partner in quality and guarantee. All the production stages are carefully controlled in details by specialized staff, in order to make sure that every product fully
complies with EU/FDA and Japanese norms.

All companies that wish to offer quality cosmetics with their own brand find in Ginevra the ideal partner, capable of studying, creating and to manufacturing the personalized product even in its graphic look.


A microbiological control of aerial bacteria on the emulsions and powders is carried out on production by a qualified Institute recognized by the European Union.

MANIGEL - Take on Phase 2 Protected and Hydrated

Manigel it is designed for frequent washing, moisturizes and nourishes the skin of your hands
Alla tua SAFETY Alcohol (70%) and hydrogen peroxide take care of your safety.
Alla tua SKIN Aloe takes care of your skin.

It is packed in a 80 ml tube with a snap closure, practical, safe and hygienic.
Wash your hands in serenity and practicality, because Manigel does not need water or sponge and can be used very easily.
Now more than ever, don\`t let your guard down!

GENEVE - The New Cosmetic Line by Ginevra

An explosion of lively, bright and dynamic colours.Shining colours for lips, extreme colours for glamorous eyes, natural face shaded with delicate nuances and gleaming nails. A look for every occasion.Geneve makes beauty a pleasure for all women.You can dare!


  • Face correctors
  • The eye pencils
  • Lipsticks and gloss
  • Nails enamel
  • Perfum
  • Creamy eye shadow
Ginevra Cosmetics - Nails enamel Manufacturing and Distribution Ginevra Cosmetici - Application to the scent mark Ginevra Cosmetics - Production and Distribution Lipsticks
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